Resume Preparation

Written by Serena Berger
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One case in which you almost certainly want to hire a resume service is if you are going to be crafting a video resume. Movies aren't made without directors, cameramen, and make-up artists (among other technical positions) who are familiar with the medium. If you want a high quality video resume, you will want to hire a resume service to help you create it.

Professional Video Resume Services

Some of the concerns are exactly the same as those which arise for a movie or television show. Your normal daily make-up (if you're a woman) isn't going to hold up under the brighter lights used to illuminate a good video shoot. If you're a man, you are probably going to need a little make-up, and might feel better about that if a professional applied it for you.

Similarly, you don't want to film your video resume at home with your $79 webcam. The lighting won't be right, your head will probably look too large for your body, and the sound quality won't be professional. Sounding good is as important as looking good--if someone has to strain to understand what you're saying, he's not going to out of his way to listen.

Furthermore, people with training in public speaking, acting, or performance tend to need some coaching in order to speak well, even on a recorded medium. You want to be able to look into the camera, because that's how you'll make a connection with people. If you're reading from note cards, you will not come across as personable, warm, or engaging. You don't want to memorize what you're going to say and sound as if you're reciting it, either. And you really don't want to say "like" and "um" every other sentence. Having a professional assistant there to loosen you up, keep you feeling positive and focused, and help you through any presentation problems is well worth the expense.

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