Resume Samples

Written by Adam Blau
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When writing a resume for a new job, it is often useful to compare your resume to some preexisting resume samples. By looking at what others have done to attain a job, you can learn innovative solutions to any problems that you encounter while writing your own resume. Resume samples can give you ideas of items to include that you might not have otherwise imagined.

It is just as helpful to look at a resume sample that did not get the applicant a job. It can be educational to learn from other people's mistakes--better that than from your own mistakes! It is sometimes easier to spot errors or unclear statements on someone else's resume rather than your own. By looking at negative examples and then keeping an eye out for your own similar errors, you can improve your resume vastly.

Where to Find Resume Samples

The first and easiest place to find resume samples is through friends and family who have already garnered success with their resumes. If you know people who have a jobs (and chances are, you do), then ask them if they'd be willing to show you a copy of the resume with which they attained the position. These people can likely give you good pointers on compiling your own resume, as well.

Many resume samples are available on the web, as well. You can find some such samples on industry-specific websites, and compare yours to those of other people trying to get jobs (though remember, they might not be the greatest examples of resumes--those people are still looking for work, too!). There are also some website businesses that aid in the creation and editing of resumes; these, too, are frequently rife with samples.

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