Resume Writers

Written by Adam Blau
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Resume writers come from all walks of life, from the high school student trying to get into college or trade school, all the way up to the top brass of an established corporation making a lateral switch to another company. Writing a resume is a skill that will never become less valuable. You never know when the perfect opportunity will come along for you to apply for the job of your dreams; it is better to know how to present yourself in the best light when that time comes.

The People You See Every Day Are Resume Writers

"What do you do?" Chances are, you are asked that question fairly regularly. People always seem intrigued with what a person's profession is. They want to know how other people spend their time, as it tells a lot about a person.

Potential employers and universities also want to know the answer to that very same question--by asking for your resume. Resume writers are, in effect, answering the very question of "What do you do?" Or, perhaps more appropriately, "What have you been doing?"

Resume writers must refine that answer in written form so that it is answered with clarity and brevity. In your social interactions, it is considered impolite to answer the questions "How are you?" with a lengthy diatribe. Similarly, resume writers should stick to a short, clear response, usually no more than a page's worth of information. This way, the formal introduction between you and your potential employer will be rewarded with the most prized possession: an interview.

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