Resume Writing Help

Written by Serena Berger
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There are several reasons why you might seek help writing your resume. It may be that you have been employed by the same company for more than a decade and want to ensure that the resume format you are currently using is not antiquated. Another possibility might be that you had a long period of unemployment for any number of reasons and want to know the best way to explain it without divulging too much personal information. There are services available, both free and fee-based, that can answer such questions for you and help you write an effective resume.

Sources for Help in Preparing Your Resume

One source which you may want to consider is your alma mater. Colleges and universities sometimes offer career services to their alumni. If geography is a constraint that prevents you from doing this, you could consider local resources for assistance in preparing and proofreading your resume.

Since you are likely to prepare your resume using word processing software, you might consider specialized software for preparing resumes. These software packages will provide you with more resume designs than your word processor provides as templates. Some will also submit your resume to online job search sites. These packages are often inexpensive when compared with the costs of hiring professionals to prepare your resume.

When you are writing your resume, the Internet offers several options that can be of assistance to you. Many services will provide advice in preparing resumes and may include a network of subscribing companies from which you will receive alerts letting you know when jobs are available. These are most helpful once you have prepared a resume and are ready to begin searching for jobs, as they increase the network of opportunities available to you.

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