Self Presentation

Written by Serena Berger
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Self presentation is a critical part of the job application process. You are being judged and evaluated as soon as your resume is opened or you step into an office. You need to display poise and confidence to others for them to believe that you are a suitable candidate for any position with their company.

Of course, most of us are not fully confident in all of our abilities or certain that were are perfectly qualified for every job we might want. If you are confident, you need to play up your strengths without seeming arrogant or unwilling to learn and improve. If you are somewhat uncertain but generally believe you will be right for a position and work hard in it, you want to present yourself in a video resume or interview as competent (if modest), enthusiastic, and personable.

Preparing for an Interview

It is useful to practice your interviewing skills before your actual interview, or record multiple practice versions of your video resume and bio before the final one. You might have applied to a job in which you are not particularly interested and plan to use the process as practice. Even if you want to practice with a live audience (so to speak), realize that everyone you meet becomes part of your network, so a half-hearted effort at self presentation when you think you don't really care is not a good idea. You might be surprised by the company and its culture, anyway, and ultimately decide that you really want the job.

Whether or not anyone would like to admit it, dressing is an important part of presenting yourself. If you do not have an eye for fashion, you might consider asking a friend to take you shopping. Make sure that your interview suit fits you properly and is totally comfortable. Whether you are meeting someone in person or being immortalized on video, you want to look neat, professional, and have no cause to fidget with your clothes. If you are interviewing in another area or another country, get feedback on your attire from someone who lives there. Dressing inappropriately for the corporate or local culture is a terrible reason to lose out on a job.

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