Unique Resumes

Written by Serena Berger
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If your background has provided you with a variety of skills, you might want to create unique resumes for each company to which you are planning on applying for a position. This is particularly easy if you are applying for positions online, so that you will not have to print single copies of multiple resumes. You simply need to make any changes in the electronic version of your resume that are germane to a particular company and save a new copy.

If you choose to do this, there are a few details to keep in mind--most of which are obvious, but certainly should not be overlooked. It is particularly important that you save a copy of each resume that you send out. If you discard all changes that were made to your resume and a company contacts you for an interview, you should know exactly what they know about you so that you can plan how to elaborate on the salient details. Another obvious thing to check is that you are sending a company the resume that was uniquely created for them. People often forget to alter their objective line from one resume version to the next, and readers get quite cranky when reading a resume clearly tailored to someone else.

Unique Resume Formats

When it comes to creating your resume, your ingenuity does not have to be limited to generating company-specific resumes. Nothing says that the style of your resume needs to follow the same format that everyone else chooses to use. While you might not want to use the flashiest font you can find, employing a creative and unique resume style can often catch a prospective employer's eye while he is flipping through dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of resumes. You can look online at various websites for samples of resumes for ideas that you can incorporate into your own style.

If you believe that you come across better in person than on paper, you might consider using a service that allows you to post a video resume. These clips can be recorded in your home or office and uploaded to the service's website where potential employers can view them along with your standard resume. This allows an employer to match a face and personality to your paper resume, while other applicants who are lacking video resumes remain essentially anonymous. If enthusiasm and charisma are among your strongest assets, you should consider using a video resume as a means of increasing the number of employers that are aware of you.

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