Bronze Garden Sculptures

Written by Patty Yu
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Bronze garden sculptures can be beautiful enhancements to any yard, park, or patio. Many types of bronze sculptures are available for purchase, including fountains, statues of children, or even bronze animals. Well-made bronze statues may even be worthwhile investments, since some artists' sculptures increase in value over time. Less expensive options are also available, but quality surely suffers.

Types of Bronze Garden Sculptures

Cold cast bronze sculptures are excellent for a person working with a small budget but who still desires the look of real bronze garden sculptures. The cold cast method uses a resin with bronze powder or flakes added, which is then poured into a mold. Metal is never heated, making this a choice method for mass-produced sculptures, which are also much less expensive than lost wax castings.

The term lost wax casting refers to the more traditional bronzing method, which is completed in a series of steps. Lost wax casting produces museum quality fine art that may appreciate in value. Several models and molds are created in the initial steps before the final mold, called an investment, is filled with molten bronze. First a clay model is made, then a rubber mold, which is filled with a hard wax.

Here is where the term "lost wax" comes from, when the artist de-waxes the investment. Dipping the wax model into a ceramic material creates the final mold after the ceramic is fired in a kiln, which causes the wax to melt. The resulting ceramic investment is filled with molten bronze. After cooling, the artist may sand, polish, and wax the statue. Some artists will make many bronze garden sculptures, while others create limited editions.

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