Buddha Garden Statues

Written by Patty Yu
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A beautiful garden in one's yard can be a place to relax and enjoy what nature has to offer. Planning and executing the landscape also offers room to express creativity. The space may also represent the homeowner's personal style or interests. For example, a person who has visited Japan's beautiful gardens may wish to recreate a small Japanese garden in his own yard.

In this case, the homeowner will either learn how to plant and care for traditional plants, flowers, and trees found in Japanese gardens, or he will have a specialist create the garden for him. He may also purchase Buddha garden statues or pagoda statues, which are common in traditional Japanese gardens. Whether Buddhist or not, people may appreciate what the Buddha represents.

Buddha Garden Statues in Bronze or Stone?

People have many options when it comes to picking a beautiful Buddha sculpture. If a person wants an outdoor sculpture, the material used to make the statue becomes an important issue. Outdoor sculptures must be able to withstand elements such as rain, sun, cold, and wind. For this reason, bronze, granite, and marble are all excellent choices.

Bronze is a material that is virtually indestructible once the sculpture is set. Unless melted down at a very high heat, the piece will remain in pristine condition. Granite is also a highly durable material that, unlike bronze, is sculpted rather than cast. However, granite is extremely hard and difficult to work with, so it is used for simpler sculptures like fountains and benches. Marble is softer than granite, so it is often used to sculpt people, animals, and other objects.

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