Granite Bench

Written by Patty Yu
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For outdoor decoration that is durable and weatherproof, one might choose a granite bench or fountain. Granite is the most durable stone that people can use to create aesthetically appealing sculptures. Harder than limestone or even marble, granite is very challenging to sculpt, requiring special tools and machinery to cut. However, once finished, the surface can be polished to a smooth, glossy finish.

To make a granite bench, for instance, a sculptor would require a sawing tool with a diamond blade. Diamond blades can cut through any type of stone, while other blades and grinders may not penetrate granite. Heavy steel chisels with carbide tips are also used for granite and very hard stones like marble. Hard stone requires chisels with duller blades, so as to crack the stone and remove chunks at a time.

You will rarely see very detailed granite sculptures in the shape of people, animals, or other intricate objects, due to the challenges in sculpting such a hard stone. Instead, granite is more often used for fountains, pillars, floors, counters, monuments, and benches. The cut rock has a visibly crystalline texture resulting from molten rock hardening on the earth over a billion years ago.

A Granite Bench as Compared to a Bronze Bench

Both bronze and granite are extremely durable and heavy materials. A granite bench is made by chiseling away pieces of the granite until it looks like a bench. However, bronze sculptures use molten bronze poured into a mold to create the final sculpture. You will often see bronze statues of people, children, and animals in great detail, but with granite, it is very difficult to carve such detail into the rock.

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