Native American Bronze Sculptures

Written by Patty Yu
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Artists who specialize in creating bronze sculptures often produce limited editions of their works, which can quickly become collector's items. Avid collectors of all kinds enjoy finding new representations of whatever they collect. For example, people may enjoy collecting Native American art or work that reflects Native American culture. Dog lovers often collect all kinds of items featuring their favorite dog breeds.

In fact, there are many popular themes that people all over the world collect in the form of toys, paintings, wood carvings, and sculptures. Animals such as horses, dolphins, and dogs are extremely popular amongst people of all ages. Some collectors do not collect specific animals, but enjoy a theme, such as a Western theme with horses, cowboys, cows, and even Native American imagery.

Some Considerations When Collecting Sculptures

Collecting is a great way to find interesting items for personal enjoyment, but it can also lead to the formation of a very valuable collection. Many collectible items can end up appreciating in value, and become valuable family heirlooms. A novice collector may wish to research various artists' works and the type of material from which they are made; durability can be an important factor.

Traditional bronze sculptures are nearly impossible to destroy because they are made of a durable bronze alloy. Sculptures carved out of stone can also be extremely durable depending on how hard the stone. Granite is the hardest stone, but it is so hard that carving details into the material is extremely difficult. Marble, however, is an excellent stone for carving detailed and durable sculptures.

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