Wooden Tiki

Written by Patty Yu
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Outdoor decorating is an excellent way for homeowners to express personal style and taste. Changing the decoration from season to season also allows some freedom for creativity and fun. Many people enjoy decorating their homes and yards for parties, making the process an exciting project for the entire family. With creativity and the right resources, you could transform the home into an entirely different place.

For example, tropical themes are common parties in the summertime. People buy wooden tiki torches and place them around the yard. Grass trim around the house and gazebo can instantly create an island feel. Some people even purchase sand to make the area look just like the beach. Tropical drinks served against the background of the soft tiki lights make guests feel like they are on vacation.

Halloween is another time when people go all out decorating their homes and yards. Spiderwebs and eerie lighting are staples, along with dry ice to create a foggy mist. Anything you can typify as scary is a good bet for Halloween, such as skeletons, cauldrons, and severed body parts to lie around the house. People's costumes create even more ambiance.

The Tiki Torch: Wooden or Bamboo?

You can often find inexpensive tiki torches at party supply stores or even at a general store. These are often made out of bamboo and are very lightweight. Wooden tiki torches are an alternative to bamboo torches. Wooden tiki torches are generally more expensive because they must be shaped. Ultimately, the choice is an aesthetic one, which will be different for all people. Wooden tiki torches are more stable and long-lasting, however.

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