Jewish Needle Pointing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Jewish needle pointing projects are made up of varying designs. From Hebrew sayings, to scenes of Bar Mitzvahs, the motifs reflect Jewish faith. People of Jewish descent who needlepoint find that Jewish needle pointing is an excellent way to pass on traditions, tell stories, and celebrate their heritage.

The items people make through Jewish needle pointing also reflect their faith. Custom yarmulkes, for example, are made even more special when done by hand. There are also patterns for challa covers, seat cushions, and birth announcements.

Jewish Needle Pointing Around the World

Judaism is not the only religion or ethnicity celebrated through needlework. Throughout the ages, people all over the world have done tapestries, embroidery, cross stitch, and needlepoint in patterns that reflect the world around them. From ancient Egyptians, to Chinese, to Native and Colonial Americans, needlework has always preserved tradition.

Today, in the US, England, and many other countries, variations on these needlework
traditions take place every day. With today's durable materials, along with skill passed down through generations, needlepoint is alive and well. It is an easy art to grasp, beautiful to look at, as well as practical, and an ideal way to pass on stories and traditions to your children.

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