Judaic Needle Pointing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Sharing tradition through Judaic needle pointing? Consider joining a local needlepoint group. There, you can get together with others who not only share the same heritage, but also enjoy the same hobby.

Many Judaic needle pointing guilds revive traditions through their needlework, as well as preserve their heritage. Some members crate heirlooms for their families. Others simply express their religious faith by stitching Judaic needle pointing designs.

Storytelling through Judaic Needle Pointing

Like quilting, needlework can also tell a story. Sharing a rich history through textiles is a lasting way to tell family history. Perhaps Judaic needle pointing can also honor those who were lost in the Holocaust.

Stitching Jewish motifs doesn't have to take place within a group. If you are Jewish, or know someone who is, and want to needle point a Judaic pattern, there is no reason not to. I'm only suggesting that bonding in a group is a fun way to meet people with a common background, share history, and form friendships through your needlework.

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