Learn Needle Pointing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Anyone can learn needle pointing. In fact, because the needles are not sharp and the canvas often has large holes, children can learn it easily. It's also an ideal craft for the elderly or those who have trouble seeing.

If you want to learn needle pointing, you can take a class at your local craft store. But really, it's easier than that. To get started, you can learn from a book or on the internet. Your first designs won't be complicated anyway, and this is a craft that is simple enough to teach yourself.

Where to Learn Needle Pointing

Once you advance past the basics, you might then want to learn needle pointing from someone else or through a class. That way, you can ask questions about things you have had trouble with and learn more complicated stitches and patterns. But to begin, just remember to keep your stitches going in the same direction throughout the whole piece.

It doesn't matter if you do it left to right or right to left, as long as they go the same way. Tapestry needles work best as they are blunt and have a large eye. Choose the mesh according to the type of project you want to make. You are the artist, so experiment to find what you are comfortable with.

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