Needle Pointing For Beginners

Written by Linda Alexander
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Are you learning needle pointing for beginners? If you are a beginner and want to teach yourself, it's fairly easy to do so. Go to your local public library or bookstore and check out a book on needlepoint. That is how I taught myself, and, with no background in needle arts, I was on my way to making easy projects very quickly.

Supplies for Needle Pointing for Beginners

For starters, all you need is canvas, some yarn, and a blunt tapestry needle. If you are teaching children needle pointing for beginners, you may want to give them plastic canvas, as it is sturdier and the holes are a good size. Regular, acrylic yarn is also easy for children to work with.

If you want to buy a preprinted canvas design, most are labeled with the level of difficulty. So look for "beginner" or "easy" level projects when learning needle pointing for beginners. As a beginner, you may not realize that you can buy complete kits that include everything you need to complete a project.

This is such an easy craft to do that even if you've never sewed a stitch in your life you can literally learn it overnight, although you won't be an expert right away. There is only one stitch you have to learn, it's one diagonal stitch called the tent stitch. If you can stick a needle through a hole in a canvas, you can do needlepoint.

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