Needle Pointing Tips

Written by Linda Alexander
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Want some needle pointing tips? Search all over the web and you will find message boards and forums where stitchers openly share tips, ideas, and suggestions. Here are some needle pointing tips I've found just from a quick web search.

As with any needle craft, including knitting and sewing, keep your stitches neat. This will come with practice. In order to keep the surface of your project even, you should keep your stitches as even as possible.

Needle Pointing Tips: Doodling for Practice

Feel free to "sketch" or "doodle" on practice canvases. Along with keeping a notebook of your ideas and what you learn, using practice canvases help you save ideas, track your progress, and remind you how to do something in case you forget. These will become your own needle pointing tips for later use. Develop your own rhythm. Remember, you're the artist and this is your canvas.

It is also helpful to do some sample stitching before you start your actual piece. It will help you to gauge your tension and get a feel for the wool you are using. When you have warmed up, you can begin your new project.

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