Needlepoint Animal Canvas Prints

Written by Linda Alexander
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Do you needlepoint animal canvas prints? Why not, when animals are such adored subjects to needlepoint? From whimsical teddy bears to serious reproductions of paintings of animals, needlepoint animal canvas prints are a popular favorite.

Choosing Needlepoint Animal Canvas Prints

Searching on the web, I found literally hundreds of choices of needlepoint animal canvas prints. My advice for narrowing down the choices is first pick a mood for your project. Do you want something folksy for your country kitchen, cartoon-like for a children's room, or serious for an executive's library?

Next, pick the animals you think would fit with the tone and theme of your piece. You can go with a favorite cartoon character or a more realistic scene of horses grazing, gazelles running, or dogs playing. Then start your web search for needlepoint animal canvas prints.

If you like, you could also design your own canvas. Simply draw the design on 1" graph paper and trace it to the canvas with a waterproof marker. You can then paint the design in your chosen colors with acrylic paint and a stiff brush. Finally, after the paint has dried thoroughly, spray the canvas with fixative, allow that to dry, and you are ready to begin stitching!

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