Needlepoint Animals

Written by Linda Alexander
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Are you an enthusiast of needlepoint? Animals are probably one of your favorite designs! Among needlepoint stitchers, there is a preponderance of animal designs, on all types of needlepoint items. From wall hangings to keychains, projects large and small have animal motifs on them.

Another reason needlepoint animals are so popular is because of their versatility. You can decorate a baby's nursery with cartoon animal motifs, or you can decorate a business office with more serious, realistic animal designs. Animals complement landscapes; they blend in with nature designs.

Types of Needlepoint Animals

Needlepoint animals come in as many flavors as needlepoint yarn has colors! You can needlepoint your dog's face onto a tote bag. You can needlepoint a teddy bear onto a throw pillow. You can also decorate your country kitchen with needlepoint pigs, cows, or ducks.

Whatever your style is, think about incorporating animals into your projects. If you've never used animals in your designs before, be prepared. You'll find that this one subject has limitless design possibilities.

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