Needlepoint Area Rugs

Written by Linda Alexander
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Needlepoint area rugs are a favorite project for more advance stitchers. Area rugs are made special when they are done by hand; this adds a personal touch to your home decor. Working with smaller pieces allows you to construct needlepoint area rugs, a large project, a little bit at a time.

The Secret to Needlepoint Area Rugs

Most needlepoint area rugs are made by stitching individually-designed panels, then sewing them together at the end of the project. To complete rugs, you can also add borders around the panels to tie the design together and make it visually cohesive.
This way, your project won't become too large to handle and you can take your time completing the rug.

When you join area rugs, overlap the edges of the panels and stitch through both layers of canvas in order to join them tightly. Kits for needlepoint rugs make designing a rug easy, and have all the supplies you need to complete your large project.

Often, you can choose several different designs for the panels and join them together with corner kits or a border kits. That way, you can mix and match rug designs however you like. It also gives you creative freedom when you are already working with somebody else's predesigned canvases.

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