Needlepoint Books

Written by Linda Alexander
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Needlepoint books will help needlepointers at any level hone their skill. Books by experts often include photos of finished pieces, blank canvases, and various stitches. These visual aids, naturally, enhance your interaction with the book.

Needlepoint books can be found through public libraries, bookstores, or online stores. If you're looking for something specific, search by author, title, or subject to find it. Or, simply browse the shelves or the online recommendations.

Using Needlepoint Books

Needlepoint books are an excellent reference for when you forget how to do a certain stitch or work an irregular pattern. If you're not so advanced yet, you can find beginner books to learn what types of canvases and needles to use, or good sources for wools.

If you know someone who is an avid stitcher, add to their library of needlepoint books for their next birthday gift. Or if you're curious yourself, pick up a pattern book at a craft store. Then you can transfer the pattern to a canvas, and make your own work of art!

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