Needlepoint Brick Covers

Written by Linda Alexander
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Making needlepoint brick covers is easy and fast. What's more, you now have a practical indoor use for bricks, and one that will blend in well with your decor. Such practical items were done with needlepoint throughout history, and continue to be favorite projects today.

Beyond Needlepoint Brick Covers

Aside from needlepoint brick covers, there are kits and patterns available for so many other household items. Needlepoint brick covers are only the tip of the iceberg! There are patterns and kits for CD cases, tissue box covers, door draft dodgers, afghans, wastebasket covers, eyeglass cases and potholders.

People who are into needlepoint usually don't keep it to themselves. In fact, they make a lot of items to give away as gifts. What would make a good gift? Well, depending on the person's preferences, you could make a gift of needlepoint done on belts, tea cozies, napkin rings, doll clothes, dollhouse furnishings, scissors cases, even Halloween costumes can be embellished with needlepoint.

To get started, browse your local craft store or a needlepoint catalog. Start with something simple if you are a beginner, and work your way toward more complex projects. As your skills improve, you'll be able to stitch wonderful gifts for family, friends, and associates.

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