Needlepoint Handbags

Written by Linda Alexander
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Needlepoint handbags are all the rage among people who like handmade accessories. Stitch your own needlepoint handbags and listen to the compliments you'll get. They'll be even better when you tell people that you stitched them yourself.

There are kits for needlepoint handbags available that range in difficulty from beginner to expert. If you want more than the pattern, consider buying a kit. It will have everything you need to create needlepoint handbags or accessories of your choosing.

Kits for Needlepoint Handbags

Often, needlepoint kits can be purchased that not only include a preprinted canvas and instructions, but also needles and wool--high-quality wool in most cases. They often come with several items for completion, such as a handbag, eyeglass case, and belt or makeup bag. Again, they range in difficulty, so be sure to get one for your level of skill.

If you're not into stitching but still like the look of these handbags, you can buy them already completed. Check at your local boutique or antiques shop. You'll likely find one that has a history to it, or one of heirloom quality.

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