Needlepoint Novelties

Written by Linda Alexander
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Needlepoint novelties take the stodginess out of needlepoint. If you are looking to lighten up with your designs as well as the items you make, consider needlepoint novelties. Rather than the usual rug or pillow, novelties are a unique way to express yourself through needlepoint.

Examples of Needlepoint Novelties

Needlepoint novelties come in all shapes and sizes. From keychains, to jewelry cases, handbags to baby bibs, there are hundreds of items you can add needlepoint to. If you prefer a small canvas, consider doing an eyeglass case or keychain. For larger projects, a Christmas stocking or a sign for your garden might be the way to go.

You can buy canvases for these types of novelties anywhere you get your supplies. Some come as kits complete with needles and yarn. Others are available only as canvases, where you would have to supply the thread and needles.

If you are creating a sample for your wall, consider doing a funny quote or adding a different style of lettering. There are lots of ways to jazz up your needlepoint hobby and keep you interested. You just have to get creative with the items you make, the colors you use, and the size and design of the patterns.

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