Needlepoint Oriental Canvas

Written by Linda Alexander
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Looking for the perfect needlepoint Oriental canvas? You will have no trouble finding it. Chinese needlework has been around for 3,000 years, and the subjects and designs in them have influenced what is available today.

Even in America, needlepoint Oriental canvases are a popular topic for needlepoint. Chinese people continue their needle arts heritage by practicing the modern version of this ancient art. Their designs include Oriental favorites like dragons, butterflies, flowers, and kimonos.

Needlepoint Oriental Canvas Colors

Often, a needlepoint Oriental canvas will be done with vibrant colors on a black or dark background. This gives Oriental designs a unique look, distinguishable from other ethnic works. The influence of Chinese silk on the world is carried over into needlepoint; often, silk threads are used to stitch Chinese designs.

In fact, until synthetic fibers were developed during the world wars, silk was the primary thread used for needlework. Silk continues to be known for its durability, luster, and sheen. Though widely available again, silk is still seen as a rare and costly thread to use, lending a quality look to your needlepoint project.

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