Needlepoint Quilts Info

Written by Linda Alexander
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Needlepoint quilts info is all over the web. Did you know you could copy certain quilting patterns into a needlepoint project? It's simple! Some patterns can be easily transferred onto a canvas and completed with one or two simple stitches.

Quilts tell stories; their patterns are charming, whimsical, cozy, and homey. Why not use needlepoint quilts info to turn your needlepoint project into a quilt pattern? Duplicate them to needlepoint with an easy stitch, just by following a chart.

Using Needlepoint Quilts Info to Chart a Project

You can use these patterns in backgrounds on your designs. Or, you can multiply them into borders. In fact, there are free quilt patterns on the web that have already been translated into needlepoint charts. Just follow the patterns, and your needlepoint project will look like a quilt!

Use your patterns on pillows, wall hangings, tissue boxes, or handbags. Soon you will have unique designs all over your home. So if you've always wanted to quilt, but don't know how, consider using needlepoint quilts info to turn your project into a quilt pattern.

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