Needlepoint Rugs

Written by Linda Alexander
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Needlepoint rugs are another preferred favorite among long-time stitchers. It is very convenient to make separate panels, then sew them together at the end. To complete projects, you can also add a border around the panels to tie the design together and make it visually cohesive.

One advantage to stitching needlepoint rugs this way is that your project won't become too large to handle. This way, you work with small, manageable pieces, one at a time. When you are ready to make the rug, you simply assemble them together, ending up with a large piece.

Kits for Constructing Needlepoint Rugs

Kits for needlepoint rugs are also available, in various designs. Often, you can choose several different designs for each panel, then join them with a "corner kit" or a "side panel" kit. This allows you to mix and match designs according to your taste. It also lends some creativity to you when you're working with someone else's design.

Joining needlepoint rugs involves overlapping the edges of the panels and stitching through the canvas layers to join them together firmly. Remember when ordering the panels separately, to specify whether you need a vertical or horizontal side panel kit to go along with your corners. If you are not sure, feel free to ask the salesperson for help.

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