Needlepoint Teddy Bears

Written by Linda Alexander
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Needlepoint teddy bears are a favorite subject for canvas. Children love teddy bears, and so do adults! So if you are teaching your children needlepoint, or decorating a child's room, why not use needlepoint teddy bears in your design ideas?

Needlepoint Teddy Bears Patterns

If you can't find a canvas preprinted with needlepoint teddy bears, make your own. Simply draw the design onto a paper with 1" square grids. Tape it to a tabletop. Lay your canvas on top of it, and trace the design with a waterproof gray marker.

Next, paint the canvas with waterproof markers or acrylic paints. Remember to trace the outline, too. You will want to thin your acrylic paint with water until it's the consistency of liquid soap. Use a stiff brush.

If you make a mistake, you can cover it with white or tan paint. Finally, spray with a fixative to set the paint. But make sure the paint is dry before you start using it.

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