Online Needlepoint Resource

Written by Linda Alexander
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If you need an online needlepoint resource, they are easy to find. Simply do a web search for keyphrases like "needlepoint portal" or "needlepoint resource." You could also search under "cross stitch" or "embroidery" since many sites have information about other types of stitching crafts also.

Searching for an Online Needlepoint Resource

Depending on what you need from your online needlepoint resource, you could also search for a more specific topic. Are you looking for articles? Are you looking for supplies such as canvas and yarn? Or do you need a resource that sells canvases and patterns on the web?

Online forums are wonderful places to meet other people who share common interests. In this case, you would be looking for a needlepoint forum or message board. There, you can talk to others who do needlepoint, share information and get your questions answered and some problems solved if you're having trouble with a project.

Don't despair if you can't find the right online needlepoint resource. There are still places that will help you in person, such as craft stores. Or you could join a local group that meets to do needlepoint together.

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