Paternayan Yarn Info

Written by Linda Alexander
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When starting your needlepoint hobby, you will need some Paternayan yarn info. This is Persian yarn, a loosely twisted, 3-ply yarn. It comes in a huge variety of colors to add rich detail to your projects. It can also be separated into separate plies if needed.

Paternayan Yarn Info: Color, Cost, and Quality

When searching for Paternayan yarn info, be aware that manufacturers tend to specialize in color families. Thus, you might find many, many different colors of red available from one manufacturer, and need to purchase your blues from another brand. This is okay. Cost is usually indicative of quality with these yarns.

Paternayan yarn info is also on the yarn's label. On one brand, the story of the couple who developed it tells how they designed this wool yarn for its durability and luster. They were repairers of Persian rugs and needed a better Persian yarn to work with.

When starting a project, be aware that like all yarn, Paternayan yarn comes in dye lots. In order to get the colors to match exactly throughout your project, you'll need to purchase from the same dye lot number. If you go back for more yarn in six months, the variations in color from one dye lot to the next, though subtle, may be just noticeable enough to take away from your project.

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