Sewing Scissors And Cases

Written by Linda Alexander
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Organizing your sewing scissors and cases is important if you're an avid needlepointer. The more scissors, thread, and cases you own, the more important it becomes to keep them neat and organized. Otherwise, your craft room will be a cluttered mess! Remember, too, that keeping your craft room clean will help your needlepoint stay nice and help you keep focused on your projects.

Places to Keep Sewing Scissors and Cases

If you're short on storage, look for a place you already have that can be modified. For example, if you have a bare table or nightstand, perhaps you can cover it with a cloth or make a curtain. This way, you can store things under it and keep them hidden from view. You can do something similar with a small bookshelf.

Aside from storing your sewing scissors and cases, you also need a place for your needles and thread. You can store thread in airtight plastic bags to keep them from becoming brittle. If you keep them in drawers, you might want to organize them by color or type of fabric. Place spools sideways so you can see the colors without having to pick up each spool to look at the color. Of course, your craft store also sells boxes specifically made for storing embroidery floss.

Finally, if you have room and some extra money to buy storage containers, clear plastic boxes are great for storing sewing scissors and cases. The shoe-box sized boxes are perfect for this use; you can stack them in a closet, on a shelf, or under a bed to keep them hidden from view. If you have small children or pets that could be hurt by your scissors, consider buying a scissor block. Similar to a butcher's block for knives, this wooden block will hold your scissors, keep them sharp, and keep them away from those who can get hurt.

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