Traditional Needlepoint Canvases

Written by Linda Alexander
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Traditional needlepoint canvases are made out of mesh. There is mono canvas, where the mesh is made up of one horizontal thread and one vertical thread. There is also Penelope mesh, which has two horizontal and two vertical threads. When using this traditional needlepoint canvas, be sue that the more tightly woven threads are running vertically through your piece.

Other Traditional Needlepoint Canvases

Traditional designs are also woven on plastic canvas. Plastic canvas usually comes seven mesh per inch. Plastic canvas has no raw edges; it holds its shape and is great for sturdier projects like tissue boxes. Breakaway canvas is one other type, but is not made fore needlepoint. Instead, it is designed for stitching on fabric; it dissolves when wet and "breaks away" easily for when you are finished stitching the fabric.

Traditional needlepoint canvases are used with a blunt-end tapestry needle. The Needles you use must be fit easily through the holes in the canvas, and the proper weight of yarn must easily pass through the eye of the needle. If you are working with 10 mesh canvas, for example, use a size 18-20 needle and with 12-14 mesh canvas, use a size 20 needle.

Many kinds of yarn can be used for traditional needlepoint canvases. Usually wool is used because of is strength against the canvas. Tapestry yarn and Persian yarn are two the two types of yarn that are used for needlepoint.

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