Advent Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Advent windows are a church's way of conveying graphically one of the most important holidays of the year. In the Bible, the weeks before Christmas witness the Advent, or coming, of the birth of Christ. Advent windows are the stained glass windows that display various scenes from this miraculous story, and are often the most highly treasured architectural elements in churches and cathedrals.

The Story of the Advent Window

In the days before widespread literacy, art, song, and the spoken word were the methods used to preach the gospel to the common folk. From this necessity, these modes became highly stylized art forms. Church windows were one of the mediums used to display these Biblical scenes, through the creation of glorious, colorful leaded glass windows.

To those churches which have beautiful advent windows already in place, the issues of restoration and upkeep are important. There are many stained glass companies with extensive experience in the strengthening and restoration of these heirloom pieces. When it comes to priceless original windows, an ounce of prevention is well worth the effort. Unattended problems with sagging of the frames, warping of the panels, and breaking of the lead cames can cause heartbreaking damage.

These historic windows are highly valuable as products of a craftsman's art. If your church is interested in having a new set of advent windows created, this can also be done. There are still artisans out there who carry on the same noble traditions that created all the beautiful pieces throughout the history of stained glass. If you can create a window design, it can be custom-made, and the beginning of a proud new heritage.

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