Bendheim Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Bendheim windows--those made from Bendheim glass--are extremely popular architectural elements. This company has been around for decades as an importer and supplier of several different types of glass. With a showroom in New York City, Bendheim windows and glass products are often specified by the area's top designers.

The Bendheim Windows Tradition

Bendheim has specialized in both hand and machine-made glass. This of course includes all of the different types of art glass. People come to them for artistically created mosaic and stained glass creations, as well as high quality plain glass for many uses.

They also carry out restoration projects for damaged historic windows. Taking care of aging ornate windows is a challenge that many people face. There are a lot of options when it comes to the repair-or-replace question.

Bendheim isn't alone among plain, ornate, and stained glass suppliers. There are many studios across the country that create glass works and also carry out restoration projects. The world of artistic glass endeavors which was beginning to pale in recent decades is back in full force!

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