Botti Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Botti windows are often specified by architects and interior designers. What sets these windows apart from their plain cousins is that they are hand-crafted art glass pieces. The Botti studio is one of many stained glass art studios that are bringing craftsmanship back to this sector of architecture.

Botti Windows and the Resurgence of the Stained Glass Craft

Artistry in architecture used to be a given. Now, however, cookie-cutter developments have resulted in a culture of the plain. It's entirely possible to regain elegance, artistry, and whimsy in homes and buildings by enlisting the help of craftsmen who have not forgotten the old trades.

What Botti windows and the stained glass windows made by other studios represent is our desire to return to other times. The trend towards simplicity has gone too far in recent years, and resulted in homogeneity. By embracing artisans who still make wonderfully ornate windows and other creative architectural pieces, we can break this trend.

From restoration to completely new commissioned works, art glass studios exist around the country to meet your needs. If you haven't done some browsing online, you may not realize how many talented glass artists there are. If you have a stained glass window design that you're curious about having created, you can easily get a consultation about having your dream become a reality!

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