Cathedral Doors

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Solid, heavy, protective -- the doors of a church or a cathedral have special significance. They are also beautiful works of art. Whether simple wood doors, thick with heavy iron hardware, or fanciful portals inset with stained glass windows, they nonetheless always have a special character all their own. These gates into a place of worship or sanctuary are always something more.

A Custom-Made Tradition

Churches modern and old, of any architectural style -- all have a pair of significant doors leading into them. Though styles and shapes vary widely, these doors are most often created from quality hardwoods. And, like the church windows inside, they are always handmade.

Custom doors such as these can be made to just about any specification. Whether you wish to replicate damaged exterior doors, or to create new ones, it can be done, and done well, by master craftsmen who still uphold the traditional craft. Many design studios can work together with you to help you develop your aesthetic ideas and technical planning.

Locating the right company to create your cathedral doors requires that you find a firm that can carry out the whole process, from start to finish. Coordinating between designers, craftsmen, and installers always leads to a more refined, unified product. There are many artistic studios who can help take your project, from conception to finish, with as much respect for the doors as they will inspire in the future.

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