Church Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Many traditional arts initially began and later flourished through the patronage of the church. One of the most beloved of these is the tradition of stained glass. Many churches take particular pride in their beautiful rose windows and advent windows, and strive to take as much care of them as possible.

Inspiration, Devotion, Heritage

For churches who have witnessed the aging and breaking down, or the accidental damaging, of their stained glass windows, the initial question is "to whom do we turn?" Church windows, whether very old or relatively recent pieces, require a refined knowledge and artisanship, as well as technical abilities to handle their scope, from their craftsmen. It is crucial that one select a stained glass company that has ample experience in every aspect of the trade.

Biblical scenes, depictions of saints, the simple meditative pattern in a rose window... A church's embellishments are the projections of its soul. They not only inspire devotion and joy, but also help to establish the church as a treasured edifice in the community.

Church windows and glass cathedral doors can be restored to their former glory in far less time and within a more reasonable budget than one might think. The best professional glass studios can provide accurate cost estimates of your repair or restoration job, as well as give you design advice and expertise throughout the entire process, should you be looking to create a new piece for your church. The light, color, and silent glory of a beautiful church window invoke a profound feeling in every generation of worshippers who will see and revere it.

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