Contemporary Art Glass

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Contemporary art glass trends have been making a sharp turn, lately. Recent decades have witnessed popularity in windows design that centers around beveled glass and etched glass. Doors and windows that exhibit these glass pieces are relatively common, nowadays.

The New Old Contemporary Art Glass Trend

More recently, however, interest has returned to the older tradition of stained glass windows. Reproductions of Tiffany windows are showing up in homes everywhere, for example. One well-crafted custom window can completely change a home's interior.

While beveled and etched glass windows add artistry to light, their stained glass counterparts bring a dazzling array of colors. For this reason, homeowners and architects are now specifying these bright and stunning elements in new buildings and also in antique home restoration projects. Just about anyone can bring this liveliness into their home!

If you haven't seen any examples of stained glass windows in a residential home, try browsing around on the Internet. Checking out some of the best interior decorating sites will reveal just how they look. And once you realize that these very contemporary art glass pieces can easily fit your decorating budget, you may well find your home achieving designer status!

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