Custom Doors

Written by Laurie Nichol
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A little bit of craftsmanship adds a lot of character to a home, business, or church. Gorgeous, hand-carved custom doors with finely wrought hardware always draw attention and generate conversation. Having this kind of custom carpentry made doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive!

Architectural Details, Artistic Creations

Having custom doors made is more technical than having purely artistic pieces commissioned. It is important to remember that doors need to be well-designed and engineered to handle daily use and weather-related stresses to the material. Skilled artisans will be able to help you in the planning process.

When it comes to choosing the style of doors you desire, well, that depends on many factors. For example, the front door of a home is usually less imposing and more friendly and finely-detailed than that of a great edifice. The large cathedrals and huge wood doors of an important building are usually intended to convey a sense of awe, or protection, or grandeur. The materials used, as well, reflect these distinctions.

Details like inset beveled glass, stained glass windows, beaten iron hasps, and so on, are all up to you. Skilled studios will be able to create whatever you have in mind. The decorative arts and the hand-crafted architectural trades have not been lost to modern technology!

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