Decorative Glass

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Decorative glass items, from Venetian beads to church windows, have always distinguished themselves from other works of art. Perhaps because stained and painted glass are worked upon by artists, yet themselves work upon light itself, their multiplicity is especially charming. For whatever reason, decorative glass items have always been highly sought-after accents in the home.

Items made of decorative glass can be wildly colorful, like the magnificent mosaic glass that you'll find in churches and private collections. They can also be elegant and subdued, like etched glass or beveled glass windows. If you know what type of tone you wish to set in your living space, you'll be able to pick appropriate decorative glass items to convey it.

Trends in Home Furnishing

Whether you're looking for an experienced studio to perform restoration on a beautiful antique window you've purchased or are simply out to commission a custom piece based on a windows design of your own creation, there are now a lot of resources set up to help you. Transforming your home into a gallery of living light has never been so easy to accomplish!

Another trend in home decoration involves taking stained glass windows to another level. If your home is an example of period architecture, then you can have custom doors and windows created or restored that enhance that architectural style. For example, people who are restoring Victorian homes are adding another dimension by including Art Nouveau-style windows, those with Craftsman-era bungalows are restoring their homes' Frank Lloyd windows, and so on.

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