Etched Glass

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Mosaic glass windows, stained glass doors, and colorful art glass have all gained a lot of interior decorating press lately. But a more quiet and subtle form of decorative glass, etched glass, has also been becoming more popular. Etched glass is glasswork that has been artistically worked so that it bears beautiful patterns and designs, or even storytelling or thematic images.

Etched glass is similar to beveled glass in that it has been worked very carefully by sharp and precise tools. Beveled or faceted glass, however, more often demonstrates clear-cut patterns and edgings. With etched glass, you have a piece of art that more closely resembles a drawing.

When light plays through the marks in etched glass, it seems to splinter and fragment, singing all across the room. Instead of colorful paint or stain on its surface, it lends character to the light by bending and refracting it. Because of its more subdued nature, it is ideal for any room in the house, and also as ornamental glass in custom doors.

A Story to Tell

Many people have etched glass windows made that display scenes from stories or mythology. Much as cathedral windows can tell biblical stories graphically, etched glass can also convey a scene of great beauty. No matter what type of mood you want your home to invoke, a gorgeous, hand-crafted window can do it with style and elegance.

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