Glass Crafts

Written by Laurie Nichol
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There are so many different glass crafts out there. Depending on the mood of the crafter, this medium can be worked in dozens of different ways. From handmade stained glass windows to picture frames to mosaic glass sculptures, all kinds of gifts and art pieces can be joyously created!

Glass Crafts for the Home

Many crafters love to hand-make things for their homes. Enjoying one's creations on a daily basis is one of the main benefits of being a creative person! In terms of interior decorating, art glass is truly at home.

One of the oldest glass crafts, stained glass is quickly becoming one of the newest home decoration trends. While it's possible to find local studios who specialize in creating gorgeous custom works, you can also make your very own creations. You can find packages and kits that help you to get started, as well as instructional books and videos.

You can also find fun learning materials that help you learn the arts of mosaic and painted glass. When you've tried your hand at these arts, your home will begin to blossom with colorful and lively creations! For the crafter who wants to branch out, glass arts are a wonderful realm.

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