Gothic Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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For hundreds of years, the number of original gothic windows has been dwindling. On historic structures everywhere, from enormous cathedrals to stately homes, the passage of time and the weathering of the elements have taken their toll on these architectural art pieces. Luckily, as time has worn down their original structures, an industry centered around their restoration and recreation has sprung up.

If you own or manage a building with these historic windows, you're probably looking for a maintenance or restoration solution. As time damages the components of leaded glass, the danger of their collapse becomes more imminent. There are tactics and materials that can help to slow their aging, which are still practiced by experienced craftsmen.

For those of us who want to recreate badly damaged or missing gothic windows, these craftsmen offer another solution. Experienced glass studios around the country offer custom recreations of historic pieces that closely mimic the originals. By restoring impressive gothic windows, a building can be made to seem reborn.

Restoration and Recreation

From ornate cathedral doors to priceless stained glass windows, most architectural elements that you may have thought lost can be resurrected. The fields of restoration and custom recreation have been burgeoning lately, as organizations and individuals take the power to bring life back into their buildings. There's no reason why age and beauty can't walk hand in hand!

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