Historic Stained Glass

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Those who take care of the historic stained glass windows in old buildings are lucky to have the acquaintance of the fine pieces of art. They also, however, must face the challenges of protecting them from the elements and restoring damaged areas. Stained glass windows require a lot of skilled attention--attention which isn't as hard to find as one might think.

The Historic Stained Glass Experts

It is still possible to find experts in the stained glass field. From creation of new pieces to restoration of historic stained glass works, this art is far from dying! Master artisans can be located across the country who are eager to ply their trade.

If the rose windows, temple windows, or other antique windows in your care need attention, it's best to address them sooner than later. If you can detect bulging in the surface, or cracks in the lead canes, then you may have big problems in the near future. An experienced glass worker can artfully correct bulges and restore or replace the leading in ways that won't be detectable.

In fact, artisans can even recreate damaged areas that are too far gone to be restored. By using the exact same techniques that were used to create your window so many years ago, their work can blend in perfectly. If you thought that your beautiful windows were doomed to age without grace, you should look into the services offered by some of the better stained glass studios!

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