Historic Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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To many of us, windows are more than just factory-issue architectural elements. To collectors who hunt for them and lucky people who happen to find themselves in possession of them, an antique, historic window is a thing of great and rare beauty. Curating, restoring, installing, even replicating these pieces is a careful science and a delicate art.

Preserving this Rich Heritage

Scenes from myth, images from the Bible, delicate patterns wrought in living light -- historic windows are well worth pursuing and preserving. Some museum curators spend all of their time in attending to these precious works of art. In fact, there is an entire industry built around this pursuit -- technical craftsmen, artisans, experienced studios and delicate tools handle the restoration of church windows, stained glass windows, and other art glass items on a daily basis.

Who can seek out these services? Whether your needs are large, such as the restoration of damaged cathedral doors or rose windows, or small, like having a beautiful antique find installed into your home, you can find expert craftsmen to help you. Many who have seen breathtaking Tiffany windows or Victorian examples of the art in museums and private collections have turned to these craftsmen for reproductions of their favorite pieces.

Whether buying, installing, restoring, or creating entirely new pieces, working with historic windows is involved, but also rewarding. Besides the professional studios that exist to help you with your projects, there are also many local societies and clubs dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge on, and the practice of, this craft. A quick glance on the web will yield a trove of information on this fascinating subject.

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