Mosaic Glass

Written by Laurie Nichol
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We're familiar with the term "mosaic" referring to the lovely, painstakingly crafted works of art composed of tiny pieces of bright color and texture. This same effect is also created in art glass studios in the creation of mosaic glass. These handmade pieces create a stained glass effect that is very unique, and many people prefer these mosaic glass windows to more traditional stained glass.

Traditional Art, Modern Designs

Mosaic glass as we know it today began, according to most historians, among the master glassblowers in Venice, Italy, during the Renaissance. But even centuries earlier, glassmakers were creating pieces using this technique of fusing and then stretching out multiple glass pieces for a remarkable, patterned effect. Today, there are many stained glass companies who work with this Venetian 'Millefiori,' or mosaic glass, technique.

From bowls and vases, mosaic glass pieces have entered the architectural detail front. You can now have these original works created for your home and installed in custom doors or walls for one-of-a-kind effects. It is only a matter of finding the craftsmen with the delicate tools and sensibilities to create these pieces and the technical knowledge to install quality products.

Like the church windows with which the stained glass art began, mosaic glass in the home and in public buildings conveys a special character to the space. Stained glass doors in interior rooms and inset pieces in wood doors turn any area into something truly unique and special. If you're a collector of mosaic glass objects of art, then you should definitely consider bringing this technique right into the design of your home or office!

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