Ornate Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Have you ever found yourself really admiring the ornate windows that are found in cathedrals and other historic buildings? These architectural elements seem to belong to another time. Yet, the way in which they transport us doesn't have to belong to the products of a lost art.

There are still wonderful master artists who create new art glass windows for their patrons. Many people are finding out that they can commission gorgeous mosaic glass pieces and breathtaking stained glass windows for their own homes. Ornate windows that tell a story, that dazzle with faceted glass, or relate biblical themes-all can be created even in today's impersonal technological world.

Finding the craftsman who still make ornate windows can be done by accessing one of the hallmarks of our modern age, ironically. In order to locate masters of the craft, you'll have to search among the best window artisans in the country, which can best be done through the Internet. There are still old-style glass studios in which these timeless pieces are being created.

Living Paintings

Windows design leaves just about any emotion open to your own special interpretation. By having a custom window created, you are creating a sort of painting, which comes to life through the skills and techniques of a master artist. Contacting the premier studios in the country will help you to realize this dream.

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