Painted Glass

Written by Laurie Nichol
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There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to choosing a special gift for someone you love. One of the most special gestures that a friend can make is to present someone with a gift for their home. Contributing an artistic piece that will continue to express itself in the years to come is a wonderful way to demonstrate your affection.

Painted glass art pieces make wonderful gifts for the home. From stained glass windows for custom wood doors to etched glass room dividers, this unique art expression is truly singular. Whatever personality distinguishes your friend, you can find a painted glass art piece to match and delight it.

Painted Glass Styles

As a housewarming gift, painted glass is a truly thoughtful present. If your friend has the good fortune of owning an authentic Arts and Crafts Movement-style home, for example, you can have specially commissioned Frank Lloyd windows made that take the Prairie-style architectural expression to another level. Those with houses built around the turn of the century will delight in the addition of an Art Nouveau or Tiffany window to their home environment.

Whether you're searching for a well-kept antique window or are thinking of having one custom made, you have many more options than you might have previously thought. With the wide reach of the Internet, you can easily access antique and estate sales across the country. You can also find fine artisan studios in which skilled craftsmen can create just about anything that you could desire.

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