Painted Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Painted windows are a little bit different from traditional stained glass. "Stained glass" is exactly that-glass that has been stained in its creation process, and is colored throughout. Painted windows are a result of paint having been applied directly onto a cooled and finished piece of glass.

Both types of colored windows do wonderful things with light. While painted glass doesn't technically fit into the stained glass category, for the intents and purposes of most people, they can be considered the same. Unless you're a caretaker or collector in need of making careful restorations to historic windows, you can think of them as the same.

Painted Windows, Painted Light

When architects and homeowners think about creating special spaces in terms of light, they now often think of this special type of art glass. If you've always been a fan of the stained glass effect, then you could bring this beauty into your home. From restoring antique finds to having entirely new windows commissioned, it's up to you.

You can find studios across the country that both restore and create these works of art. It doesn't matter if you don't have an exact theme or pattern in mind-many of these studios have artists who will work together with you to develop and then create your vision. For those of us who want to mimic the details or styles of existing windows, that is entirely possible, too.

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