Rose Windows

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Rose windows are the spectacular circular stained glass windows that are the crowning elements of many a fine cathedral. If you haven't ever seen an example of these stunning pieces, you should check them out on the Internet. All fans of stained glass artwork will love to see photos of these windows.

Rose windows are aptly named. While many types of stained glass design follow a more pictorial format, these windows are shaped like an enormous geometric rose, with petal-like shapes radiating from a central point. Colorful and grand, they often occupy a commanding spot on the highest point of a church's outer walls.

Caretakers of these fortunate churches find themselves in the singular position of being able to enjoy them every day, yet also needing to find ways to keep them from aging too quickly. For them, finding the right restoration studios for these ornate windows is important.

Rose Windows in the Home

Many of these studios also specialize in the creation of brand new works of art glass. If you're interested in taking the rose window theme and bringing it into your home, on a smaller scale, you're in luck. These master artisans can work together with your vision, and actualize your dream of commissioning a completely original piece!

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