Stained Glass Design

Written by Laurie Nichol
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The time-honored traditions of stained glass design have remained much the same as they were centuries ago. But this doesn't translate into any kind of limitations or restraint when it comes to the product. Using traditional methods of creation, master craftsmen can take your ideas, as modern, fantastic, or original as you desire, to a beautiful finished piece.

Coming Up with a Window Design

The sky's the limit when it comes to commissioning a new piece. Stained glass windows, no longer just the realm of religious art, can fit any ornamental need you might have. Whether you already have a finished design or pattern ready to be created from glass, or have need of professional artistic consultation, you'll find that you can achieve just about anything.

You could approach stained glass design from any number of standpoints. What aesthetic result are you seeking? Some people wish to bring a breath of relaxing color into their homes, and have pieces with abstract designs, or whimsical Art Nouveau or Tiffany window patterns made.

Yet other people approach the process with very exact original ideas of their own devising. The medium is capable of so much more than just soft effects -- very bold and striking windows can be made. It's easy, if you consult a windows design professional, to understand and choose from the array of types, textures, and styles available -- with a skilled stained glass company, you can take your project from design to completion, and enjoy a single source for design, creation, installation engineering and protection planning. It all begins with your initial vision of what you want!

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